Child of Atlantis: The Origins Series


Imagine a world where the citizens of the fabled empire of Atlantis survived the cataclysmic events that ended their dynasty.  What if those survivors spread across the globe and still survive in the modern day world?


That is the new reality Max Hunter must face as he is introduced to the hidden world of the Atlanteans.  A world where superhuman beings, mythical creatures, and secret cities exist and thrive.


Pierce the veil and follow Max through his adventures, as he learns that the history that he has known to be true is in actuality, wrong.  The Atlanteans have existed throughout history acting as guides for the human race, but now that benevolent mission is threatened.


Will Max survive this hidden world? Will he embrace his true place amongst the Atlantean people?  Will he uncover the truth of the origins of his people?


Only if he is strong enough.

With well developed characters and imaginative world-building, Perry Covington has created an action/adventure story filled with fantasy, science-fiction, and mythological elements that keeps you turning the pages.

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What an incredible first entry for a new author. Prepare to be totally engulfed, and sleep deprived, because this book takes off from the first page and never looks back.

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Maximus Hunter definitely gives Harry, Percy, those Kane siblings, and Katniss

a run for their money in like ability, heroism, and tenacity.

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© 2017 by Perry Covington

The Thief

Child of Atlantis Graphic Novel