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Child Of Atlantis
Child of Atlantis: Ascension
  • ISBN-10: 1508560420

  • ISBN-13: 978-1508560425

Everything you think you know about history is wrong. What you don’t know can get you killed. Max had always been a painfully normal kid, until he discovers that he is a descendant of the lost Empire of Atlantis. The Atlanteans possess superhuman powers, are technologically advanced, and have been the sworn protectors and teachers of humanity since time immemorial. A group known as the Fallen, an opposing faction of Atlanteans who wish to destroy all the “Earthborn”, threaten their benevolent mission. The world has become plagued with war and famine and, all the while, the Fallen close their grip on our planet. Max is the Key to tipping the balance of this ancient war, but he must first trek across Europe to find his kidnapped parents, with the help of a malfunctioning robot and a combat hardened Atlantean girl. Two superpowers collide across the European continent to gain control of Max, as he desperately searches for his parents. On his journey, Max will not only learn about the hidden history of the world, he will also learn that the responsibility of earth's very survival rests squarely on his shoulders. So, you know, no pressure.

Child Of Atlantis
Child of Atlantis: Destiny
  • ISBN-10: 1505253535

  • ISBN-13: 978-1505253535

Maximus Hunter has had an eventful summer. He now knows that the mythical Empire of Atlantis is real and that the descendants of Atlantis are alive and well in the modern day world. That knowledge has come at a price. Ripped from his home and friends, he has had to endure perilous obstacles, face blood thirsty monsters, and, worst of all, endure the loss of his parents at the hands of the Fallen, a group bent on destroying the Earthborn. With a renewed sense of purpose, Max chooses to fight the Fallen, avenge his family, and help save the people of the world. Now, the Fallen seek an ancient weapon that has the potential to achieve the apocalypse that they so desperately wish for. With his friends, old and new, Max must find the weapon first and destroy it, before the Fallen claim it as their own. This quest will test his will, courage, and loyalty. With the fate of the world at stake, Max must embrace his responsibilities as the Key or all will be lost. In a race for the survival of planet Earth, time is of the essence. Tick, tock.

Child Of Atlantis
Child of Atlantis: Catalyst
  • ISBN-10: 0-9972496-0-9

  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9972496-0-6

Max has faced many challenges during his short time with the people of Atlantis.

Now his greatest obstacle lay before him. Nations are at the brink of way and Max must find a solution before countless die. Those he has sworn to protect have turned on him.  He and his friends are at a tipping point in deciding the fate of the rest of the world. Nothing will be same again. Everything about the hidden world of the Atlantean’s is on a collision course with the world of the Earthborn. War is coming. Who’s side will you be on? Choose.




Child Of Atlantis
Child of Atlantis: Guardians
  • ISBN-10:

  • ISBN-13:

Maximus Hunter is dying...

The Thief: A Child of Atlantis Grapic Novel
  • ISBN-10: 

  • ISBN-13: 

The ancient empire of Atlantis existed thousands of years ago in a time beyond human memory.  Many believe the atlanteans were destroyed during the great flood, but the human race is easily decieved. They live on, in secret. governing this world from the shadows. Some of the ancients wish to dominate mankind, while others hope for a peaceful coexistence. Others still, wish only to be left alone, to exist of thier own volition. Osiris pendragon, is such an Atlantean. but it is rare that fate leaves individuals, like Osiris, to their own devices. He has been tasked with a mission, by the Ancients, a mission that could very well decide the destiny of us all.




The Littlest Ninja
  • ISBN-10: 

  • ISBN-13: 

From the author of the Action/Adventure series Child of Atlantis, comes a childrens picture book about the struggles of finding ones place in the world.

Set against the backdrop of ancient Japan, young ninjas train to be the protectors of the land.  The littlest of the family of ninjas though, is having trouble finding his talents.  Through a challenge set forth by their Sensei, the Littlest Ninja soon realizes that sometimes, just being yourself, is the greatest talent of all.



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