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Beyond History - Puma Punku

Good evening my history loving ninjas. Tonight let’s look at a place called Puma Punku in Bolivia.

During my indentured servitude while working on book 2 of Child of Atlantis, there is a certain part of the book where my characters head to South America. So, my research brought me to the plethora of ancient ruins found in this beautiful part of the world.

One particular place that I found extremely intriguing was this place.


Puma Punku, Tiahuanaco, South America. You’re looking at that photo and thinking, “okay, another set of ruins… what’s so impressive?”

I was hoping you would ask that! Let’s look around and examine some of the finer details shall we?

Exhibit A


These carved stone heads line the length of a wall amongst the ruins. The crazy thing is that researchers believe that the faces are representative of different cultures from different parts of the world. Last time I checked, Southwest Airlines wasn’t quite up and running in 500 BC.

Then there is this stone head amongst the carvings…


Make your own assumptions. I’m not touching that one. Spoiler alert… it’s an alien head!

Exhibit B



Precise, heavy ass stones. These stones are composed of granite and diorite. Pretty hard to work with precision and some of the stones are said to weigh up to 130 tons. Not to mention the nearest quarry was about 10 miles away.

Exhibit C


Interlocking stones. Yup, these were the first set of Legos made by humankind. These hard to cut stones, that were crazy heavy were also designed to interlock with one another. This is unique to any ruins found in the Americas. The interlocking stones were thought to create a structure that was four levels high. I did mention that these stones were heavy right?

Bottomline, we only have a small understanding of this location. Researchers aren’t sure who built this place or when. Today it sits in ruins from some cataclysm in the far past. Maybe one day it’s secrets will be unlocked.

Keep digging my ninjas.

May peace be your journey.

#ancienthistory #childofatlantis #beyondhistory #pumapunku #bookresearch

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