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Beyond History - Space Screw


So, I've been working on book 3 of the Child Of Atlantis series and my research brought me to a very curious object.

A portion of the narrative from book 3 takes place in China. Naturally, I began to delve into some of China's ancient history and legends. Then I came across the Lanzhou Stone.

The mysterious stone isn't very large, maybe 8 cm in diameter, and weighs almost 500 grams. It was found in the Marzon Mountain region in China and is composed of a rock type that hasn't been identified yet. This suggests that the stone might in fact be a meteorite.

Big deal, right? Meteorite, shmeteorite. Well, here is the kicker. They found a metallic screw inside of the meteorite. They dated both the stone and the screw and scientists believe that both artifacts are ancient.

Theories are flying all over the place about this find. Is it proof of an extraterrestrial civilization, or possibly is it from a prehistoric civilization, one that might have been as technologically advanced as we are today?

I don't know the answer, of course, but it has people scratching their heads. So, what does everyone think? Total b.s. or legit proof of something crazy?

Keep digging, my Ninjas. May peace be your journey.

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